Autor - Gilman, Laura Anne

TitelChicks Ahoy!
AutorEsther M. Friesner als Esther Friesner
SerieChicks in Chainmail
Preis12.00 US-Dollar, 14.00 Kanadische Dollar
ISBNISBN13: 978-1-4391-3301-9
1: Sammlung: Chicks in Chainmail (Esther M. Friesner als Esther Friesner), Serie: Chicks in Chainmail 1:
3: Kommentar: Chicks in Chainmail (Esther M. Friesner als Esther Friesner)
7: Lady of Steel (Roger Zelazny)
9: And Ladies of the Club (Elizabeth Moon)
29: Exchange Program (Susan Shwartz)
50: Goddess for a Day (Harry Turtledove)
60: Armor-Ella (Holly Lisle)
80: Career Day (Margaret Ball)
95: Armor/Amore (David Vierling)
100: The Stone of War and the Nightingale's Egg (Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)
122: The Growling (Jody Lynn Nye)
136: The New Britomart (Eluki bes Shahar)
157: On the Road of Silver (Mark Bourne)
173: Bra Melting (Janni Lee Simner)
178: The Old Grind (Laura Frankos)
190: The Way to a Man's Heart (Esther M. Friesner als Esther Friesner)
205: Whoops! (Nancy Springer)
216: The Guardswoman (Lawrence Watt-Evans)
226: Teacher's Pet (Josepha Sherman)
238: Were-Wench (Jan Stirling)
258: Blood Calls to Blood (Elisabeth Waters)
273: Maureen Birnbaum in the MUD (George Alec Effinger)
301: Sammlung: Did You Say Chicks? (Esther M. Friesner als Esther Friesner), Serie: Chicks in Chainmail 2:
305: Kommentar: Introduction (Esther M. Friesner als Esther Friesner)
309: No Pain, No Gain (Elizabeth Moon)
327: Slue-Foot Sue and the Witch in the Woods (Laura Frankos)
334: A Young Swordswoman's Garden Primer (Sarah Zettel)
348: The Old Fire (Jody Lynn Nye)
363: Like No Business I Know (Mark Bourne)
386: A Bone to Pick (Marina Frants & Keith R. A. DeCandido)
401: The Attack of the Avenging Virgins (as told by one of the Valiant Vanquished) (Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)
418: Oh, Sweet Goodnight! (Christina Briley & Walter Vance Awsten)
432: A Bitch in Time (Doranna Durgin)
447: Don't You Want to Be Beautiful? (Laura Anne Gilman)
455: A Night with the Girls (Barbara Hambly)
477: A Quiet Knight's Reading (Steven Harper Piziks als Steven Piziks)
484: Armor Propre (Jan Stirling & S. M. Stirling)
500: A Big Hand for the Little Lady (Esther M. Friesner)
513: Blade Runner (K. D. Wentworth)
527: Keeping Up Appearances (Lawrence Watt-Evans)
540: La Différence (Harry Turtledove)
550: Tales from the Slushpile (Margaret Ball)
569: Yes, We Did Say Chicks! (Adam-Troy Castro)
571: Sammlung: Chicks 'n Chained Males (Esther M. Friesner als Esther Friesner), Serie: Chicks in Chainmail 3:
573: Kommentar: Introduction (Esther M. Friesner als Esther Friesner)
577: Myth Manners' Guide to Greek Missology #1: Andromeda and Perseus (Harry Turtledove)
590: Chain, Link, Fence (Steven Harper Piziks als Steven Piziks)
595: Fool's Gold (Elizabeth Moon)
615: In for a Pound (Lawrence Watt-Evans)
628: Death Becomes Him (Marina Frants)
649: Straight Arrow (Susan Shwartz)
668: Bad Heir Day (Rosemary Edghill)
677: Why Do You Think They Call It Middle Earth? (Susan Casper)
693: Leg Irons, the Bitch, and the Wardrobe (Laura Frankos)
713: Shiftless (Josepha Sherman)
724: May/December at the Mall (Brian Dana Akers)
732: Yo, Baby! (Jan Stirling)
748: Don't Break the Chain! (Jody Lynn Nye)
764: Cross CHILDREN Walk (Esther M. Friesner)
786: ... But Comedy is Hard (Kate Daniel)
798: Baubles, Bangles and Beads (Kevin Andrew Murphy)
818: Hallah Iron-Thighs and the Five Unseemly Sorrows (K. D. Wentworth)
833: Miss Underwood and the Mermaid (Sarah Zettel)
853: Auszug: Overbite: Fangs for the Mammaries (Esther M. Friesner als Esther Friesner)
TitelDead Man's Hand
AutorJohn Joseph Adams
Preis8.99 Britische Pfund
ISBNISBN13: 978-1-78329-546-3
9: Kommentar: Introduction (John Joseph Adams)
13: The Red-Headed Dead (Joe R. Lansdale)
23: The Old Slow Man and his Gold Gun from Space (Ben H. Winters)
33: Hellfire on the High Frontier (David Farland)
51: The Hell-bound Stagecoach (Mike Resnick)
63: Stingers and Strangers (Seanan McGuire)
91: Bookkeeper, Narrator, Gunslinger (Charles Yu)
101: Holy Jingle (Alan Dean Foster)
115: The Man with no Heart (Beth Revis)
129: Wrecking Party (Alastair Reynolds)
149: Hell From the East (Hugh Howey)
161: Second Hand (Rajan Khanna)
181: Alvin and the Apple Tree (Orson Scott Card), Serie: Alvin Maker
201: Madam Damnable's Sewing Circle (Elizabeth Bear)
217: Strong Medicine (Tad Williams)
247: Red Dreams (Jonathan Maberry)
269: Bamboozled (Kelley Armstrong)
283: Sundown (Tobias S. Buckell)
305: La Madre del Oro (Jeffrey Ford)
323: What I Assume You Shall Assume (Ken Liu)
347: The Devil's Jack (Laura Anne Gilman)
361: The Golden Age (Walter Jon Williams)
393: Neversleeps (Fred van Lente)
411: Dead Man's Hand (Christie Yant)
417: Abschnitt: Acknowledgements
419: Abschnitt: About the Contributors
427: Abschnitt: About the Editor
TitelDon't Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear - The Mother of All Anthologies
AutorJody Lynn Nye
GenreScience Fiction
Preis5.99 US-Dollar
ISBN0-671-87732-1, ISBN13: 978-0-671-87732-3
1: From Your Mouth to God's Ear (Ellen Guon)
24: I Told You So (Michael Scott)
42: You Never Call (Robert Asprin als Robert Lynn Asprin)
48: Gedicht: A Mother's Lament (Judith R. Conly)
49: Your Face Will Freeze Like That (Morgan Llywelyn)
63: What's the Magic Word? (Jody Lynn Nye)
86: Don't Go Out in Holy Underwear (Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)
111: Would You? (William R. Forstchen)
120: Just Wait Until You Have Children of Your Own (Esther M. Friesner)
139: You'll Catch Your Death of Colds (Bill Fawcett)
152: The Golden Years (Anne McCaffrey)
163: Maureen Birnbaum Pokes an Eye Out (George Alec Effinger)
182: Clean Up Your Room! (Laura Anne Gilman)
201: Return with Your Spacesuit, Or On It (Eleanore Stasheff & Christopher Stasheff)
221: Don't Go Near the Water (Terri Beckett & Chris Power)
237: Mother Knows Best (Josepha Sherman)
248: Accidents Don't Just Happen - They're Caused (Elizabeth Moon)
270: The Starving Children on Mars (Mike Resnick & Louise Rowder)
284: Don't Put That in Your Mouth, You Don't Know Where It's Been (Diane Duane)