Autor - Graff, Lisa

TitelFunny Girl - Funniest. Stories. EVER.
Betsy Bird - Funny Girl - Funniest. Stories. EVER.: Vorn
Betsy Bird
Funny Girl - Funniest. Stories. EVER.
Betsy Bird - Funny Girl - Funniest. Stories. EVER.: Hinten
Betsy Bird
Funny Girl - Funniest. Stories. EVER.
AutorBetsy Bird
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ISBNISBN13: 978-0-14-751783-8
xi: Kommentar: Introduction (Betsy Bird)
1: Essay: How to Tell a Joke (Delaney Yeager & Mackenzie Yeager)
9: Comic: In Which Young Raina Learns a Lesson (Raina Telgemeier)
14: Dear Grandpa: Give Me Money (Alison DeCamp)
29: Grandma in Oil Country: A True Story (Ursula Vernon)
43: One Hot Mess (Carmen Agra Deedy)
52: Fleamail (Deborah Underwood)
61: Comic: A Most Serious Recitation of the Poem "Trees" (Cece Bell)
68: Gedicht: Things Could Be Verse (Kelly DiPucchio)
72: Swimming Is for Other Kids (Akilah Hughes)
78: Dear Bella and Rover (Deborah Underwood)
80: Comic: The Thumb Incident (Meghan McCarthy)
90: Desdemona and Sparks Go All In (Rita Williams-Garcia & Michelle Garcia)
100: Comic: 7 Things I Thought Were (Think Are) Funny but Were Really Kind of Sad, and That All Happened to My Little Brother (Lisa Brown)
102: Babysitting Nightmare (Shannon Hale)
112: Dear Bella and Rover (Again) (Deborah Underwood)
114: Can We Talk About Whiskers? (Jennifer L. Holm & Matthew Holm)
121: Brown Girl Pop Quiz: All of the Above (Mitali Perkins)
128: Over and Out (Lisa Graff)
140: Comic: Doodle (Amy Ignatow)
143: Fleamail Pawed-cast (Deborah Underwood)
146: Essay: How to Play Imaginary Games (Leila Sales)
150: Comic: Great Expectations (Christine Mari Inzer)
154: Essay: A Public Service Announcement About Your Period from Sarah T. Wrigley, Age 12 ¾ (Libba Bray)
161: Essay: The Smart Girl's Guide to the Chinese Zodiac (Lenore Look)
175: Comic: Bad Luck Dress (Charise Mericle Marper)
179: The World's Most Awkward Mermaid (Sophie Blackall)
185: Abschnitt: Tell Your Future with Mad Libs®
188: Essay: My Life Being Funny (and How You Can Do It, Too) (Adrianne Chalepah)
195: Abschnitt: About the Contributors