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TitelDragon Writers
Lisa Mangum - Dragon Writers: Vorn
Lisa Mangum
Dragon Writers
Lisa Mangum - Dragon Writers: Hinten
Lisa Mangum
Dragon Writers
AutorLisa Mangum
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ISBNISBN13: 978-1-61475-476-3
VerlagWordFire Press
vii: Kommentar: Introduction: Writing Out the Dragons (James A. Owen)
1: I Hate Dragons (Brandon Sanderson)
3: Muse (Jody Lynn Nye)
21: Gedicht: A Pretentious Sonnet I Wrote Because I Had Only a Few Hours to Learn Iambic Pentameter (Adric Mayall)
23: The Dragon Went Down to Dyfi (Frog Jones)
37: The Final Fold (Josh Vogt)
43: Li Na and the Dragon (Scott R. Parkin)
55: Wayne and the Gator (Kristin Luna)
67: Lullaby (John D. Payne)
79: Eat Your Heart Out (Joy Dawn Johnson)
91: Which Way to the Dragon? (Michael Angel)
103: Manifest (Brandon M. Lindsay)
113: Heart of the Dragon (L. J. Hachmeister)
129: Salvation, on Painted Wings (Kevin Ikenberry)
139: The Essence (Frank Morin)
155: Reconciling with the Dragon (Melissa Koons)
169: His Greatest Creation (Jace Killan)
177: Shattered Pieces Swept Away (Gregory D. Little)
191: Love Notes (Nancy DiMauro)
207: Soot and Cinder (Tristan Brand)
211: Dragon Years (Robert J. McCarter)
227: Dust and Fire (Aaron Michael Ritchey)
239: Black Tide's Last Ride (Mike Jack Stoumbos)
255: Forging the Dragon (Peter Sartucci)
263: On Dragon's Wings (M. J. Carlson)
275: The Dragon's Child (Todd McCaffrey)
295: Sweetly the Dragon Dreams (David Farland)
345: Abschnitt: About the Editor
347: Abschnitt: Additional Copyright Information