Autor - Pelan, John

TitelDarker Tides
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AutorEric Frank Russell
BuchformatHardcover, Schutzumschlag
GenreFantasy, Science Fiction
Preis45.00 US-Dollar
ISBN0-9740589-6-3, ISBN13: 978-0-9740589-6-2
VerlagMidnight House
KommentarHerausgeber: Pelan, John & Stephensen-Payne, Phil
ISBN auf Umschlag: 0-9740589-7-1
Exemplar 398 von 520
9: Kommentar: Preface (John Pelan)
11: Introduction
13: The Sin of Hyacinth Peuch
33: With a Blunt Instrument
51: The Ponderer
59: Rhythm of the Rats
73: Me and My Shadow
89: Displaced Person
93: Vampire from the Void
117: Hell's Bells
139: The Big Shot
147: Appointment at Noon
151: Take a Seat
155: Bitter End
171: Down, Rover, Down
185: A Divvil With the Women
191: I Hear You Calling
197: I'm a Stranger Here Myself
209: A Matter of Instinct
221: It's in the Blood
227: Poor Dead Fool
235: Seat of Oblivion
255: Sole Solution
259: Storm Warning
265: This One's On Me
273: Wisel
TitelThe Anthology of Dark Wisdom - The Best of Dark Fiction
AutorWilliam Jones
Preis14.95 US-Dollar
ISBNISBN13: 978-1-934501-14-6
VerlagElder Signs Press
11: Kommentar: Introduction
15: Woman in the Dark (Tom Piccirilli)
29: Please Stand By (Tim Curran)
43: Pragmatic (C. J. Henderson)
57: And Things Under the Earth (Paul Melniczek & John Pelan)
67: Vamp Until Ready (Wendy Leeds)
75: Shivering, We Dance (Sherry Decker)
83: Technotriptych (John Shirley)
97: Asia Marsh (Neddal Ayad)
103: A Talent for Trouble (Rachel Gray)
119: The Eccentric (Alan Dean Foster)
127: Hear No Evil (Shane Jiraiya Cummings)
135: Mr. Aickman's Air Rifle (Peter Straub)
161: The Purloined Prose (Patricia Lee Macomber & David Niall Wilson)
175: Son of Mourning (Christopher T. Leland)
183: Ankareh Minu (Richard A. Lupoff)
201: Memories, Red and Wet (Christopher Welch)
209: G (Gene O'Neill)
221: Wasp Light (Bruce Boston & Lee Ballentine)
225: The Robidermist's Steed (Deanna Hoak)
229: The Adventure of the Solitary Grave (Christian Klaver)
275: Plague of Fire (Lee Clark Zumpe)
285: Out of the Shadows (Gerard Houarner)
309: If Mama Ain't Happy (Sam W. Anderson)
321: Mopleoli (Richard Wright)
333: And on the Fourth Day (James Argendeli)
TitelThe Children of Cthulhu - Chilling New Tales Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft
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AutorenJohn Pelan & Benjamin Adams
BuchformatHardcover, Schutzumschlag
Preis23.95 US-Dollar, 35.95 Kanadische Dollar
ISBN0-345-44926-6, ISBN13: 978-0-345-44926-9
VerlagDel Rey (Ballantine Books)
vii: Kommentar: Introduction: The Call of Lovecraft (John Pelan & Benjamin Adams)
1: Details (China Miéville)
21: Visitation (James Robert Smith)
33: The Invisible Empire (James van Pelt)
57: A Victorian Pot Dresser (M. P. N. Sims & L. H. Maynard)
85: The Cabin in the Woods (Richard Laymon)
109: The Stuff of the Stars, Leaking (Tim Lebbon)
125: Sour Places (Mark Chadbourn)
141: Meet Me on the Other Side (Yvonne Navarro)
161: That's the Story of My Life (John Pelan & Benjamin Adams)
181: Long Meg and Her Daughters (Paul Finch)
243: A Fatal Exception Has Occurred At . . . (Alan Dean Foster)
261: Dark of the Moon (James S. Dorr)
275: Red Clay (J. Michael Reaves)
291: Principles and Parameters (Meredith L. Patterson)
325: Are You Loathsome Tonight? (Poppy Z. Brite)
331: The Serenade of Starlight (W. H. Pugmire Esq.)
345: Outside (Steve Rasnic Tem)
355: Nor the Demons Down Under the Sea (Caitlín R. Kiernan)
371: A Spectacle of a Man (Weston Ochse)
389: The Firebrand Symphony (Brian Hodge)
437: Teeth (Matt Cardin)
463: Abschnitt: Notes on the Contributors (John Pelan & Benjamin Adams)