Autor - Wheeler, Andrew

TitelOff the Main Sequence - The Other Science Fictions Stories of Robert A. Heinlein
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AutorRobert A. Heinlein
BuchformatHardcover, Schutzumschlag
GenreScience Fiction
Preis15.99 US-Dollar
ISBN1-58288-184-7, ISBN13: 978-1-58288-184-3
VerlagScience Fiction Book Club
vii: Kommentar: Introduction (Greg Bear)
xi: Kommentar: Foreword (Michael Cassutt)
xxiii: Kommentar: Editor's Note (Andrew Wheeler)
3: Successful Operation
7: "Let there Be Light"
23: — And He Build a Crooked House —
41: Beyound Doubt
53: They
67: Solution Unsatisfactory
103: Universe
145: Elsewhen
175: Common Sense
231: By His Bootstraps
277: Lost Legacy
353: "My Object All Sublime"
365: Goldfish Bowl
395: Pied Piper
409: Free Men
431: On the Slopes of Vesuvius
437: Columbus Was a Dope
441: Jerry Was a Man
465: Water Is for Washing
477: Nothing Ever Happens on the Moon
501: Gulf
565: Destination Moon
615: The Year of the Jackpot
645: Project Nightmare
665: Sky Lift
679: A Tenderfoot in Space
725: — All You Zombies —