ISBN - 9780385538305

TitelA Slip of the Keyboard - Collected Nonfiction
Terry Pratchett - A Slip of the Keyboard - Collected Nonfiction: Umschlag vorn
Terry Pratchett
A Slip of the Keyboard - Collected Nonfiction
Umschlag vorn:
Terry Pratchett - A Slip of the Keyboard - Collected Nonfiction: Umschlag hinten
Terry Pratchett
A Slip of the Keyboard - Collected Nonfiction
Umschlag hinten:
AutorTerry Pratchett
BuchformatHardcover, Schutzumschlag
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ISBNISBN13: 978-0-385-53830-5
vii: Kommentar: Introduction (Terry Pratchett)
xiii: Kommentar: Foreword (Neil Gaiman)
1: Abschnitt: A Scribbling Intruder
3: Essay: Thought Progress
7: Essay: Palmtop
11: Essay: The Choice Word
13: Essay: How to Be a Professional Boxer
16: Essay: Brewer's Boy
18: Essay: Paperback Writer
22: Essay: Advice to Booksellers
30: Essay: No Worries
41: Essay: Conventional Wisdom
44: Essay: Straight from the Heart, via the Groin
65: Essay: Discworld Turns 21
70: Essay: Kevins
75: Essay: Wyrd Ideas
79: Essay: Notes from a Successful Fantasy Author: Keep It Real
83: Essay: Whose Fantasy Are You?
85: Essay: Why Gandalf Never Married
93: Essay: Roots of Fantasy
99: Essay: Elves Were Bastards
103: Essay: Let There Be Dragons
110: Essay: Magic Kingdoms
116: Essay: Cult Classic
123: Essay: Neil Gaiman: Amazing Master Conjuror
128: Essay: 2001 Carnegie Medal Award Speech
133: Essay: Boston Globe-Horn Book Award Speech for Nation
140: Essay: Watching Nation
144: Essay: Doctor Who?
147: Essay: A Word About Hats
151: Abschnitt: A Twit and a Dreamer
153: Essay: The Big Store
155: Essay: Roundhead Wood, Forty Green
157: Essay: A Star Pupil
159: Essay: On Granny Pratchett
161: Essay: Tales of Wonder and of Porn
166: Essay: Letter to Vector
168: Essay: Writer's Choice
170: Essay: Introduction to Roy Lewis's The Evolution Man
173: Essay: The King and I, or How the Bottom Has Dropped Out of the Wise Man Business
176: Essay: Honey, These Bees Had a Heart of Gold
179: Essay: That Sounds Fungi, It Must Be the Dawn Chorus
182: Essay: Introduction to The Leaky Establishment by David Langford
186: Essay: The Meaning of My Christmas
189: Essay: Alien Christmas
195: Essay: 2001: The Vision and the Reality
201: Essay: The God Moment
206: Essay: A Genuine Absent-Minded Professor
229: Essay: Saturdays
233: Abschnitt: Days of Rage
235: Essay: On Excellence in Schools. Education: What It Means to You
237: Essay: The Orangutans Are Dying
242: Essay: The NHS Is Seriously Injured
247: Essay: I'm Slipping Away a Bit at a Time ... and All I Can Do Is Watch It Happen
254: Essay: Taxworld
256: Essay: Point Me to Heaven When the Final Chapter Comes
266: Essay: The Richard Dimbleby Lecture: Shaking Hands with Death
285: Essay: At Last We Have Real Compassion in Assisted-Dying Guidelines
287: Essay: Assisted Dying: It's Time the Government Gave Us the Right to End Our Lives
290: Essay: Death Knocked and We Let Him In
297: Essay: A Week in the Death of Terry Pratchett
303: Abschnitt: And Finally ...
305: Essay: Terry Pratchett's Wild Unattached Footnotes to Life
309: Abschnitt: About The Author