Autor - Dunn, Linda J.

TitelThis is my Funniest 2 - Leading Science Fiction Writers Present Their Funniest Stories Ever
AutorMike Resnick
GenreScience Fiction
Preis14.95 US-Dollar, 18.95 Kanadische Dollar
ISBNISBN13: 978-1-933771-22-9
1: Kommentar: Introduction (Mike Resnick)
3: The Robot Who Came to Dinner (Ron Goulart)
27: Aliens Ate My Pickup (Mercedes Lackey)
35: Correspondence with a Breeder (Janis Ian)
49: Fairy Tale (Jack Dann)
77: How to Write a Scientific Paper (Gregory Benford)
83: Frog Kiss (Kevin J. Anderson)
93: The Acid Test (Kay Kenyon)
103: Airborne All the Way! (David Drake)
117: We Three Kings (Alan Dean Foster)
131: Nord's Gambit (Tobias S. Buckell)
145: A Sword Called Rhonda (D. S. Moen)
157: Rattler (Gene Wolfe & Brian Hopkins)
167: A Soldier's Complaint (Eric Flint)
175: He Loved Lucy (Terry Bisson)
193: The Frog Prince (Linda J. Dunn)
201: In Search of the Perfect Orgasm (Dean Wesley Smith)
207: Elvis Died for Your Sins (Sarah A. Hoyt)
219: The Angst, I Kid You Not, of God (Michael Bishop)
233: Monster Radio (Chris Roberson)
241: Apecon (Barbara Delaplace)
257: On the High Frontier (Michael F. Flynn)
283: The Day the Martels Got the Cable (Pat Cadigan)
295: Request for Proposal (Anthony R. Lewis)
309: Small in the Saddle (Louise Marley)
325: Ram Shift Phase 2 (Greg Bear)
331: Invasion of the Jack Benny Snatchers (John Gregory Betancourt)
341: The Santa Claus Planet (Frank M. Robinson)
367: Breeding Maze (Larry Niven)
381: A Study in Scarlet Herrings (Joe Pumilia & Bill Wallace als M. M. Moamrath)
397: Catastrophe Baker and the Cold Equations (Mike Resnick)