Autor - Howey, Hugh

TitelDead Man's Hand
John Joseph Adams - Dead Man's Hand: Vorn
John Joseph Adams
Dead Man's Hand
John Joseph Adams - Dead Man's Hand: Hinten
John Joseph Adams
Dead Man's Hand
AutorJohn Joseph Adams
Preis8.99 Britische Pfund
ISBNISBN13: 978-1-78329-546-3
VerlagTitan Books
9: Kommentar: Introduction (John Joseph Adams)
13: The Red-Headed Dead (Joe R. Lansdale)
23: The Old Slow Man and his Gold Gun from Space (Ben H. Winters)
33: Hellfire on the High Frontier (David Farland)
51: The Hell-bound Stagecoach (Mike Resnick)
63: Stingers and Strangers (Seanan McGuire)
91: Bookkeeper, Narrator, Gunslinger (Charles Yu)
101: Holy Jingle (Alan Dean Foster)
115: The Man with no Heart (Beth Revis)
129: Wrecking Party (Alastair Reynolds)
149: Hell From the East (Hugh Howey)
161: Second Hand (Rajan Khanna)
181: Alvin and the Apple Tree (Orson Scott Card), Serie: Alvin Maker
201: Madam Damnable's Sewing Circle (Elizabeth Bear)
217: Strong Medicine (Tad Williams)
247: Red Dreams (Jonathan Maberry)
269: Bamboozled (Kelley Armstrong)
283: Sundown (Tobias S. Buckell)
305: La Madre del Oro (Jeffrey Ford)
323: What I Assume You Shall Assume (Ken Liu)
347: The Devil's Jack (Laura Anne Gilman)
361: The Golden Age (Walter Jon Williams)
393: Neversleeps (Fred van Lente)
411: Dead Man's Hand (Christie Yant)
417: Abschnitt: Acknowledgments
419: Abschnitt: About the Contributors
427: Abschnitt: About the Editor
TitelRobot Uprisings
Daniel H. Wilson & John Joseph Adams - Robot Uprisings: Vorn
Daniel H. Wilson & John Joseph Adams
Robot Uprisings
Daniel H. Wilson & John Joseph Adams - Robot Uprisings: Hinten
Daniel H. Wilson & John Joseph Adams
Robot Uprisings
AutorenDaniel H. Wilson & John Joseph Adams
GenreScience Fiction
Preis7.99 Britische Pfund
ISBNISBN13: 978-1-4711-3437-1
VerlagSimon & Schuster UK
xv: Kommentar: Foreword (Daniel H. Wilson)
3: Complex God (Scott Sigler)
33: Cycles (Charles Yu)
43: Lullaby (Anna North)
73: Eighty Miles an Hour All the Way to Paradise (Genevieve Valentine)
93: Executable (Hugh Howey)
103: The Omnibot Incident (Ernest Cline)
131: Epoch (Cory Doctorow)
185: Human Intelligence (Jeff Abbott)
209: The Golden Hour (Julianna Baggott)
229: Sleepover (Alastair Reynolds)
289: Seasoning (Alan Dean Foster)
299: Nanonauts! In Battle With Tiny Death-Subs! (Ian McDonald)
317: Of Dying Heroes And Deathless Deeds (Robin Wasserman)
343: The Robot And the Baby (John McCarthy)
363: We Are All Misfit Toys in the Aftermath of the Velveteen War (Seanan McGuire)
387: Spider the Artist (Nnedi Okorafor)
407: Small Things (Daniel H. Wilson)
473: Abschnitt: Acknowledgments
475: Abschnitt: Permissions Acknowledgements