Autor - Ivanova, Tatiana

TitelUnidentified Funny Objects 6
Alex Shvartsman - Unidentified Funny Objects 6: Vorn
Alex Shvartsman
Unidentified Funny Objects 6
Alex Shvartsman - Unidentified Funny Objects 6: Hinten
Alex Shvartsman
Unidentified Funny Objects 6
AutorAlex Shvartsman
GenreScience Fiction
Preis15.99 US-Dollar
ISBNISBN13: 978-0-9992690-0-8
VerlagUFO Publishing
1: Kommentar: Foreword (Alex Shvartsman)
3: A Game Of Goblins (Jim C. Hines)
25: The Breakdown Of The Parasite/Host Relationship (Paul R. Hardy)
43: From This She Makes A Living? (Esther M. Friesner als Esther Friesner)
63: Twenty-Nine Responses To Inquiries About My Craigslist Post: Alien Spaceship For Sale. $200, You Haul (Tina Connolly)
69: Tyle The Snot Elemental Scours The Newspaper, Searching For Change (Zach Shephard)
79: Agent Of Chaos (Jack Campbell)
103: Display Of Affection (P. J. Sambeaux)
111: The Great Manhattan Eat-Off (Mike Resnick)
131: An Evil Opportunity Employer (Lawrence Watt-Evans)
139: Common Scents (Jody Lynn Nye)
153: A Mountain Man And A Cat Walk Into A Bar (Alan Dean Foster)
169: Lost And Found (Laura Resnick)
183: A Crawlspace Full Of Prizes (Bill Ferris)
195: Return To Sender (Melissa Mead)
199: The Friendly Necromancer (Rod M. Santos)
219: An Open Letter To The Sentient AI Who Has Announced Its Intention To Take Over The Earth (Ken Liu)
223: Approved Expense (David Vierling)
237: Alexander Outland: Space Jockey (Gini Koch als G. J. Koch)
257: Dear Joyce (Langley Hyde)
265: Impress Me, Then We'll Talk About The Money [russisch: Удиви меня. А потом поговорим о деньгах] (Tatiana Ivanova) [Alex Shvartsman]
293: Abschnitt: Acknowledgments
295: Abschnitt: About the Editor