Autor - Korund, Elin

TitelUnidentified Funny Objects 7
Alex Shvartsman - Unidentified Funny Objects 7: Vorn
Alex Shvartsman
Unidentified Funny Objects 7
Alex Shvartsman - Unidentified Funny Objects 7: Hinten
Alex Shvartsman
Unidentified Funny Objects 7
AutorAlex Shvartsman
GenreScience Fiction
Preis15.99 US-Dollar
ISBNISBN13: 978-1-72009-488-3
VerlagUFO Publishing
1: Kommentar: Foreword (Alex Shvartsman)
3: The Dragon, The Drudge, And The Drone (Esther M. Friesner als Esther Friesner)
21: Chad Versus The Rebel Alliance (Shane Halbach)
39: The Secret Destiny of Heroes (Matthew Bailey)
51: Old School: An Oral History of Captain Dick Chase (Val Nolan)
67: Take Meme To Your Leader (Jennifer Lee Rossman)
75: Contractual Obligations (C. Flynt)
89: Bimble Bimble Bop Bop! (Richard Anderson)
97: The Sit Down (Laura Resnick)
111: The Ebony Egg (David Vierling)
125: The Day After Halloween (Greg Sisco)
137: Falling's Free, Gravity Costs (Seanan McGuire)
153: Mission Log Nuptials (Langley Hyde)
161: Quick Cash In The Old Kingdom (Elin Korund)
177: Key Fang And Klaw (Fred Stesney)
189: The Vampire's Apprentice (Gini Koch)
207: The Assassination of 2063 (David Vaughan)
215: Dethroning The Campeen (Mike Resnick)
237: Spear Carriers' Union #109 (Jamie Gilman Kress)
243: The Fermi Loneliness Problem (Beth Goder)
259: Three Ways To Leave Hawaii (Zach Shephard)
279: Abschnitt: Acknowledgments
281: Abschnitt: About the Editor