Autor - De Marco, Guy Anthony

TitelUnidentified Funny Objects 3
Alex Shvartsman - Unidentified Funny Objects 3: Vorn
Alex Shvartsman
Unidentified Funny Objects 3
Alex Shvartsman - Unidentified Funny Objects 3: Hinten
Alex Shvartsman
Unidentified Funny Objects 3
AutorAlex Shvartsman
GenreScience Fiction
Preis15.99 US-Dollar
ISBNISBN13: 978-0-9884328-4-0
VerlagUFO Publishing
1: Kommentar: Foreword (Alex Shvartsman)
3: On The Efficacy Of Supervillain Battles In Eliciting Therapeutic Breakthroughs (Jim C. Hines)
19: The Right Answer (James A. Miller)
29: The Gefilte Fish Girl (Mike Resnick)
39: Mast Of Business Apocalypse (Jakob Drud)
53: Carla At The Off-Planet Tax Return Helpline (Caroline M. Yoachim)
59: Why I Bought Satan Two Cokes On The Day I Graduated High School (Nathaniel Lee)
79: Company Store (Robert Silverberg)
97: The Door-To-Door Salesthing From Planet X (Josh Vogt)
101: Picture Perfect (Matt Mikalatos)
117: The Discounted Seniors (James Beamon)
131: The Must Be Them Now (Karen Haber)
149: Notes To My Past And/Or Alternate Selves (Sarah Pinsker)
153: The Real And The Really Real (Tim Pratt)
163: Into The Woods, With Zombunny (Camille Griep)
179: Live At The Scene (Gini Koch)
191: The Newsboy's Last Stand (Krystal Claxton)
201: The Full Lazenby (Jeremy Butler)
213: Do Not Remove This Tag (Piers Anthony)
227: Super-Baby-Moms Group Saves The Day! (Tina Connolly)
245: The Choochoomorphosis (Oliver Buckram)
249: The Fate Worse Than Death (Kevin J. Anderson & Guy Anthony De Marco)
259: Elections At Villa Encantada (Cat Rambo)
275: Infinite Drive (Jody Lynn Nye)
303: Abschnitt: About the Editor
303: Abschnitt: Acknowledgments