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Titel100 vicious little vampire stories
Robert Weinberg & Stefan Dziemianowicz & Martin H. Greenberg - 100 vicious little vampire stories: Umschlag vorn
Robert Weinberg & Stefan Dziemianowicz & Martin H. Greenberg
100 vicious little vampire stories
Umschlag vorn:
Robert Weinberg & Stefan Dziemianowicz & Martin H. Greenberg - 100 vicious little vampire stories: Umschlag hinten
Robert Weinberg & Stefan Dziemianowicz & Martin H. Greenberg
100 vicious little vampire stories
Umschlag hinten:
AutorenRobert Weinberg & Stefan Dziemianowicz & Martin H. Greenberg
BuchformatHardcover, Schutzumschlag
Preis7.98 US-Dollar
ISBN1-56619-558-6, ISBN13: 978-1-56619-558-4
VerlagBarnes & Noble
xiii: Kommentar: Introduction (Stefan Dziemianowicz)
1: And to See Him Smile (Donald R. Burleson)
8: The Witness (Mike Ashley)
17: Conversion (Ramsey Campbell)
21: Apotropaics (Norman Partridge)
30: Camera Shy (T. E. D. Klein)
39: Snip My Suckers (Lois H. Gresh)
45: Blood and Silence (David Langford)
50: And by a Word, Immortal (Mark A. Kreighbaum als Mark Kreighbaum)
56: The Kwik-Mart Vampire (Robert Weinberg)
64: Forever Young (Martin R. Soderstrom)
67: Moving Day (Scott A. Cupp)
73: Aqua Sancta (Edward Bryant)
74: Something Had to Be Done (David Drake)
80: Chains (Michael Skeet)
87: Blood Gothic (Nancy Holder)
93: Child of the Night (Brian McNaughton)
101: Coffin.Nail (Richard Parks)
108: Setup (Rick Hautala)
114: Single White Vampire (Gary Jonas)
121: Worthy of His Hire (Lawrence Watt-Evans)
126: Night Flight (Mike Baker)
131: The Flame (Fred Chappell)
137: First Love (Hugh B. Cave)
144: The Need (Jay R. Bonansinga)
152: The Rose Cavalier (Ben P. Indick)
161: The Lady of the Fountain (Darrell Schweitzer)
168: The Shape of Turmoil (H. Andrew Lynch)
178: Crucifixion (Adam-Troy Castro)
181: Bingin' (Greg Cox)
185: Slice of Life (Dan Perez)
190: Charity (Adam Niswander)
193: Antidote (Billie Sue Mosiman)
199: All Through the Night (Jedediah Elysdir Hartman)
203: The Dark Nightingale Returns (Thomas Marcinko)
210: Up in the Air, Junior V-Men (Gregory Nicoll)
215: Cross Examination (Brad Strickland)
219: It All Comes Out in Analysis (Hobey Widmouth)
230: The Early Decision (Steve Anable)
239: Blood Brothers (Peter Cannon)
245: Hunting the Vampire (C. Bruce Hunter)
247: The Heart of Count Dracula, Descendant of Attila, Scourge of God (Thomas Ligotti)
249: Misapprehensions (Don D'Ammassa)
258: Prince of the Punks (Karl Edward Wagner)
261: Entrapment (John Maclay)
266: Cocci's Blood-Fueled Feud (Lois H. Gresh)
274: One Good Bite (Christie Golden)
279: Miss Vampire New Mexico Meets Her Dream Date (John Gregory Betancourt)
282: Angels, Strange Angels (Peter M. Spizzirri)
286: Another Saturday Night (David Niall Wilson)
293: Icing Up (Benjamin Adams)
299: The Magnolia [französisch: Le magnolia] (Remy de Gourmont) [Francis Amery]
303: Vintage Domestic (Steve Rasnic Tem)
309: A Little Night Music (Ron Dee)
314: Sometimes We Come Back (Wayne Allen Sallee)
316: Acts (Benjamin Adams)
323: Revival (Richard Parks)
327: Crumbs Under Thy Table (Pamela D. Hodgson)
333: Blood Atonement (Robert M. Price)
338: Back in the World (Billie Sue Mosiman)
343: The King's Return (Charles Garofalo)
346: Jack in the Box (Ramsey Campbell)
351: Mouths (Steve Rasnic Tem)
354: The Blood Ran Out (Michael A. Arnzen)
356: The Last Victim (Jeff Gelb)
360: The Biting-a-Hologram Blues (Nina Kiriki Hoffman)
364: Life After (Don Herron)
367: A Frenzied Beat of Wings (C. Bruce Hunter)
374: The Exploration of Inner Space (Brian M. Stableford als Brian Stableford)
382: The Nine Billion Names of Nosferatu (Simon MacCulloch)
389: VampWare (Karen E. Taylor)
397: The Best Years of My Life (Yvonne Navarro)
404: The Wet-Nurse (Lois Tilton)
412: A 12-Step Program (for the Corporeally Challenged) (Tina L. Jens)
420: Supernaturally Incorrect (Tim Waggoner)
428: Bar Talk (Joe R. Lansdale)
430: Exodus (Lawrence Schimel)
432: The Longest Night (Cynthia Ward)
436: Fire of Spring (George Zebrowski)
443: Fantsilotra (Janet Berliner Gluckman & George Guthridge)
450: UV (Nancy Kilpatrick)
458: The Skull in Her Smile (Will Murray)
466: Upstairs, Downstairs, and All About Vampires (Mort Castle)
473: Foul Weather (Dawn Dunn & Judy Post)
481: Folds of the Faithful (Yvonne Navarro)
486: Just Enough (Joel Lane)
493: Family History (Nina Kiriki Hoffman)
496: Moving Day (Night?) (Kathryn Ptacek)
500: Hemo Gobblin' (Robert M. Price)
504: Paying the Fine (Jill M. Morgan)
512: The Devil Is Not Mocked (Manly Wade Wellman)
518: Ragz (Adam-Troy Castro)
523: Cross Your Heart (Lisa Lepovetsky)
528: The Glass of Blood [französisch: Le verre de sang] (Jean Lorrain) [Francis Amery]
535: Angels of the Mist (Stephen Mark Rainey)
542: The Reappearance (Mollie L. Burleson)
546: The Travelling Coffin (Miroslaw Lipinski)
557: The Darkness in Her Touch (Michael Scott Bricker)
561: Year's Turning (Connie Hirsch)
568: The Law (Hugh B. Cave)
573: Cradle (Alan Brennert)
583: Abschnitt: Acknowledgments
TitelWizard Fantastic
Martin H. Greenberg - Wizard Fantastic: Vorn
Martin H. Greenberg
Wizard Fantastic
Martin H. Greenberg - Wizard Fantastic: Hinten
Martin H. Greenberg
Wizard Fantastic
AutorMartin H. Greenberg
Preis5.99 US-Dollar, 7.99 Kanadische Dollar
ISBN0-88677-756-9, ISBN13: 978-0-88677-756-2
VerlagDAW (1072)
9: Kommentar: Introduction (Martin H. Greenberg)
12: In The Service Of Mages (Dennis L. McKiernan)
16: Ilian (Josepha Sherman)
27: Hell's Mark (Jane Lindskold als Jane M. Lindskold)
55: The Bane Of Trigeminy (Mickey Zucker Reichert)
71: A Thing Or Two About Love (Richard Parks)
84: The Dead That Sow (Michelle West)
109: Frog Magic (Andre Norton)
117: How The Wild Hunt Came To Trygvadal (Diana L. Paxson)
134: The Yellow Of The Flickering Past (Dean Wesley Smith)
145: Soul Catcher (Linda P. Baker)
167: Wizard's Choice (Janet Pack)
186: Mastery (Sherwood Smith)
202: Bird Jones (Jody Lynn Nye)
222: Willy Wizard's Magicland (Connie Hirsch)
236: Visible Breath (Nina Kiriki Hoffman)
256: Familiar Territory (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
268: Spellchucker (John DeChancie)
285: Proving Ground (M. Turville Heitz)
298: The Wizard Of The Birds (Jane Yolen & Adam Stemple)
316: Mirror, Mirror, On The Lam (Tanya Huff), Serie: Magdelene
341: Of Tides And Time (Dennis L. McKiernan)