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Titel100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories
Isaac Asimov & Martin H. Greenberg & Joseph D. Olander - 100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories: Vorn
Isaac Asimov & Martin H. Greenberg & Joseph D. Olander
100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories
Isaac Asimov & Martin H. Greenberg & Joseph D. Olander - 100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories: Hinten
Isaac Asimov & Martin H. Greenberg & Joseph D. Olander
100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories
AutorenIsaac Asimov & Martin H. Greenberg als Martin Harry Greenberg & Joseph D. Olander
Jahr1980, Erstausgabe: 1978
GenreScience Fiction
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ISBN0-330-26155-X, ISBN13: 978-0-330-26155-5
15: Kommentar: Introduction: The Science Fiction Blowgun (Isaac Asimov)
17: A loint of paw (Isaac Asimov)
18: The Advent on Channel Twelve (Cyril M. Kornbluth als C. M. Kornbluth)
21: Plaything (Larry Niven)
26: The misfortune cookie (Charles E. Fritch)
29: I wish I may, I wish I might (Bill Pronzini)
33: FTA (George R. R. Martin)
36: Trace (Jerome Bixby)
40: The Ingenious Patriot (Ambrose Bierce)
41: Zoo (Edward D. Hoch)
43: The destiny of Milton Gomrath (Alexei Panshin)
45: The Devil and the trombone (Martin Gardner)
48: Upstart (Steven Utley)
51: How it all went (Gregory Benford)
55: Harry Protagonist, brain-drainer (Richard Wilson)
58: Peeping Tommy (Robert F. Young)
61: Starting from scratch (Robert Sheckley)
65: Corrida (Roger Zelazny)
68: Shall the dist praise thee? (Damon Knight)
71: Bug-getter (Reginald Bretnor als R. Bretnor)
74: The deadly mission of Phineas Snodgrass (Frederik Pohl)
78: Fire sale (Laurence M. Janifer)
82: Safe at any speed (Larry Niven)
85: The masks (James Blish)
89: Innocence (Joanna Russ)
91: Kin (Richard Wilson)
94: The long night (Ray Russell)
96: Sanity Clause (Edward Wellen)
100: If at first you don't succeed, to hell with it! (Charles E. Fritch)
106: The question (Laurence M. Janifer & Donald E. Westlake)
109: The perfect woman (Robert Sheckley)
112: The system (Ben Bova)
114: Exile to Hell (Isaac Asimov)
118: Inaugural (Barry N. Malzberg & Bill Pronzini)
120: Martha (Fred Saberhagen)
123: Kindergarten (Fritz Leiber)
125: Landscape with sphinxes (Karen Anderson)
128: The happiest day of your life (Bob Shaw)
132: The worlds of Monty Willson (William F. Nolan)
135: Punch (Frederik Pohl)
139: Doctor (Henry Slesar)
140: The man from when (Dannie Plachta)
142: Crying willow (Edward Rager)
146: Januray 1975 (Barry N. Malzberg)
148: Mail supremacy (Hayford Peirce)
151: Mistake (Larry Niven)
153: Half-baked publisher's delight (Jeffrey S. Hudson & Isaac Asimov)
158: Far from home (Walter S. Tevis)
161: Swords of Ifthan (James Sutherland)
164: Argent blood (Joe L. Hensley)
168: Collector's fever (Roger Zelazny)
171: Sign at the end of the Universe (Duane Ackerson)
172: Stubborn (Stephen Goldin)
174: The re-creation (Robert E. Toomey Jr.)
175: The better man (Ray Russell)
179: Oom (Martin Gardner)
180: Merchant (Henry Slesar)
182: Don't fence me in (Richard Wilson)
186: The die-hard (Alfred Bester)
190: The first (Anthony Boucher)
193: Eripmav (Damon Knight)
194: Feeding time (Robert Sheckley)
198: The voice from the curious cube (Nelson Bond)
201: I'm going to get you (F. M. Busby)
204: The room (Ray Russell)
206: Dry spell (Bill Pronzini)
209: Bohassian learns (William Rotsler)
213: Star bride (Anthony Boucher)
215: Latest feature (Maggie Nadler)
219: Chief (Henry Slesar)
220: After you've stood on the log at the centre of the Universe, what is there left to do? (Grant Carrington)
224: Maid to measure (Damon Knight)
227: Eyes do more than see (Isaac Asimov)
230: Thang (Martin Gardner)
231: How now purple cow (Bill Pronzini)
235: Revival meeting (Dannie Plachta)
237: Prototaph (Keith Laumer)
240: The rocket of 1955 (Cyril M. Kornbluth als C. M. Kronbluth)
242: Science fiction for telepaths (E. Michael Blake)
242: Kindergarten (James E. Gunn)
245: A little knowledge (Paul Dellinger)
247: A cup of hemlock (Lee Killough)
248: Present perfect (Thomas F. Monteleone)
252: A lot to learn (Robert T. Kurosaka)
253: The amphibious cavalry gap (James E. Thompson)
255: Not counting bridges (Robert L. Fish)
257: The man inside (Bruce McAllister)
260: The Mars stone (Paul Bond)
262: Source material (Mildred Downey Broxon)
264: The compleat consummators (Alan E. Nourse)
268: Examination day (Henry Slesar)
273: The sky's an oyster; the stars are pearls (David Bischoff als Dave Bischoff)
276: The man who could turn back the clock (Ralph Milne Farley)
278: Patent rights (Daniel A. Darlington)
280: Alien cornucopia (Walt Liebscher)
281: The last paradox (Edward D. Hoch)
284: Course of Empire (Richard Wilson)
287: Synchronicity (James E. Thompson)
292: Sweet dreams, Melissa (Stephen Goldin)
297: The man on top (Reginald Bretnor als R. Bretnor)
302: Rejection slip (K. W. MacAnn)